Health Department

Larry Johnson, Health Director

James P. Capitan Center
149 Corunna Avenue, 2nd Floor
Corunna, MI 48817

P: 989.743.2318
F: 989.746.2357

Health Department

Larry Johnson - Health Director
Nicole Greenway - Director of Personal and Community Health
Casey Elliott - Director of Environmental Health

The mission of the Shiawassee County Health Department is to prevent disease, protect the public’s health, and enhance the quality of life by providing information and services. Public health is defined by the Institute of Medicine as “what we as a society do collectively to ensure the conditions in which people can be healthy.” We believe public health has a strong link to providing a better tomorrow for Shiawassee County by supporting solutions to the economy, education, health care, and citizen security. The Shiawassee County Health Department encompasses three divisions through which our mission is accomplished: Personal Health, Environmental Health, and Emergency Preparedness.

Our Personal Health Division assists children and adults in becoming and staying healthy in order to enable them to learn and become more productive.

Our Environmental Health Division assures clean water, safe disposal of sewage, and clean restaurants in order to attract potential businesses, residents, and tourists.

Our Emergency Preparedness Division assures that in the event of a public health emergency, such as a pandemic outbreak or toxic spill, the Health Department along with federal, state, local, and private partners will provide the appropriate response to allow our citizens to stay informed and feel secure.

Health Department Website

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