Friend of the Court

Kristy L. Bray, Friend of the Court

Mon - Fri 8am to 5pm

Circuit Courthouse
208 N Shiawassee Street, 1st Floor
Corunna, MI 48817


Phone:  989-743-2397
Fax:  989-743-2439


Review & Modification of Support

The Friend of the Court may conduct a review of child support once every 3 years (36 months). A support review can be conducted for the following circumstances:

  • Based upon a written request from either the Plaintiff or Defendant to the Shiawassee County Friend of the Court for a child support review, not more often than once every 36 months from the date of the last Order or the last review.
  • Based on an Order from the Court for a child support review.
  • Every 36 months if the recipient of support receives public assistance.
  • Upon Friend of the Court initiative under certain case conditions.

Filing a Motion for Child Support Modification

If you are not eligible for a review of child support through the Shiawassee County Friend of the Court and your circumstances have changed, you can motion the Court for modification of child support on your own or through an attorney. The required forms for filing a petition to modify child support can be found here: Motion regarding Support.

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